The series of ‘OX drawings’ feature the method and process for finding answers in an incomplete state. Under unsubstantial shapes, I attempt to depict my vision by connecting deformed particles and broken elements. Figures embody collapse through erasure and dripping. Covering layers of images with white color eliminates previous colors and spaces. But the white covering these images does not blanket the images underneath completely. The word 'OX,' repeatedly scrawled on the image, shows an action of pursuing answers to questions in my head and a process of liberating myself from the answers.

               OX Drawing, 100 x 80.3cm, oil, oil stick, pencil and air spray on canvas, 2016


OX Drawing, 112 x 112cm, oil, oil stick and paint spray on canvas, 2016


OX Drawing, 130.3 x 130.3cm, oil, oil stick and pencil on canvas, 2016


OX Drawing, 130.3 x 97cm, oil, oil stick on canvas, 2016


OX Drawing, 145 x 112 cm, oil, oil stick and air brush on canvas, 2017 


Installation view, Gallery Koo, Seoul


Installation view, Space 776 Gallery, New York